The call for applicants for the English edition of our 2021 Script Revision Lab will open in April 2021

The call for applicants for the Spanish edition of our 2021 Script Revision Lab will open in June 2021

Cinq Qua Non Lab

About the lab

The Script Revision Lab gives independent filmmakers from around the world the opportunity to work intensively on their feature-length narrative scripts in an environment structured to foster professional collaboration and high-quality script development.

The lab has two editions: one in English and one in Spanish.

The lab is facilitated by a professional in the field with long-standing experience. In addition to the script guidance provided by the facilitator through workshop sessions and one-on-one meetings, as well as additional professional advice by guest speakers, participants have ample time for writing. The lab offers the participants the opportunity to workshop their projects with other international filmmakers, be part of a community of like-minded artists, and access the Cine Qua Non Lab film professional network.

Dates and location

The Script Revision Lab will be held online and will have a total duration of three weeks. The lab sessions will take place between October 20th and November 30th, 2020, with a follow-up session

Application deadline

Saturday, September 12th, 2020.


  • Writers or writer/directors developing a narrative feature film
  • Only completed narrative feature scripts ready for the revision process
  • Co-written scripts are eligible, but only one person per project will be accepted to the lab
  • Proof of ownership/copyright of the script

Application materials

  • Online application
  • A synopsis of the story, including the ending (up to three pages)
  • A current résumé or CV
  • The script in its entirety
  • A copy of official registration/ ownership/ copyright of the script


There is a non-refundable application fee of 25 USD.

Cine Qua Non Lab covers the bulk of the cost of participation of each applicant accepted to the lab. Participants bear a portion of the total cost and pay a 1,850 USD fee for attending the lab.

The participation fee is required upon acceptance to the lab. In case of cancellation more than 15 days prior to the starting date of the lab, there is a 50% refund of the attendance fee. There is no refund in case of cancellation less than 15 days prior to the starting date. Fees are payable via PayPal.


Thanks to the support of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—Oscars® through the FilmCraft grant, and the support of the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), all applicants accepted to the lab will be offered a grant towards their participation and will be charged only 1,200 USD. Mexican citizens and legal permanent residents in Mexico will receive an additional grant and will pay only 900 USD.

Giving back

Participants must give official recognition to Cine Qua Non Lab in the future production of their work, by including an acknowledgement and the Cine Qua Non Lab logo in any published rendition of the script, in the project’s website or when applying for additional development labs and funding for the same project, as well as mentioning Cine Qua Non Lab’s support in any interview or article about their project. In addition, once completed, films that have been supported by Cine Qua Non Lab must indicate that support both in the opening and closing credits, by displaying the Cine Qua Non Lab logo and the caption “Developed with the support of Cine Qua Non Lab”. Participants are also required to give recognition to the lab facilitator with an on-screen credit of script consultant.

Selection process

All applications will be read and evaluated by a jury panel comprised of film professionals. Applicants short-listed by the Selection Committee for consideration in the final round of evaluations may be interviewed by video conference. All applicants will be notified of the final decision of the Selection Committee by October 20th, 2020.

For further information, please address inquiries to